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Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

Bone Conduction
Hearing Aids

Bone Conduction
Hearing Aids

For patients with conductive hearing loss or who cannot use air conduction hearing aids due to medical contraindications we carry Bone Conduction Hearing Aids.

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids do not require a functioning outer or Middle Ear and stimulate the inner ear directly via vibration transmitted over the mastoid.

We carry two different styles of Bone Conduction Hearing Aids, Spectacle Bone Conduction and ContactMini.





Bone Conduction Spectacles

We carry a choice of specially designed frames in different sizes and colors, metal and plastic for male and female users. The Bone Conduction Device is concealed in the side temple of the eyeglass, comes in brown or black and can be used unilateral or bilaterally. There is no earmold or any other connection to the ear, but the vibration plate will be adjusted to fit snuggly and with the least pressure behind the ear on your mastoid.






For our paediatric patients we offer the unique ContactMini Bone Conduction System. ContactMini’s unique technology, separating the microphone from the vibrator eliminates feedback and thus reduces the need for pressure on the mastoid. This makes ContactMini ideally suited for children of any age.

ContactMini comes in Black, Blue or Red and can be incorporated in headbands of different sizes or colors. We also have Baseball Caps with ContactMini integrated and offer the casings separately so you may integrate it in any headwear of your choosing.