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Custom Made Hearing Aids

Custom Made
Hearing Aids

Custom Made
Hearing Aids

In this category fall In The Ear (ITE), In the Canal (ITC), Completely In Canal (CIC) and Invisible In Canal (IIC) all of which are made of a cast of your ear and/or ear canal. An empty shell is made from the cast and the electronics is built inside this shell. The size and shape is so individual that there are no two custom made shells alike.

The general advantages of custom made hearing aids are that they fit securely in the ear and are hardly affected by movement or sweat. The smaller version of this category ITC, CIC & IIC can be fitted deep within the ear or ear canal and offer the highest degree of discretion.

They also have a hearing quality advantage, as the microphone is located inside the ear or the ear canal it picks up the sounds in the most natural location which make it sounds more natural. Also the loudspeaker in these models is placed inside the ear canal in close proximity of the eardrum. This improves sound quality, reduces the need of amplification and reduces occlusion effect.

Common Features

  • Waterproof/Water resistant
  • Nano Coating (benefit of Nano Coating is Water resistance)
  • Channels, (the more channels the higher the technology)
  • Bands or Handles (allows for better customization and retrofit)
  • Multiple programs (better hearing in a variety of environments or situations)
  • Choice of Colours (cosmetics [blend it] or fashion, fun)
  • Frequency range (the wider the more natural sounds will be heard)
  • Low Distortion (better sound quality)
  • Feedback Control (confidence in using, stable sound quality)
  • Noise reduction and suppression (reduction of listening fatigue)
  • Signal Processing (what the hearing aids do with sounds)
  • Understanding high frequency speech cues (improving audibility of high frequency sounds)
  • Speech enhancement in quiet or noise (improving speech intelligibility)
  • Low Battery Indicator (notifying the user acoustically of upcoming end of battery life)
  • Volume & Program Change Indicator (notifying the user acoustically of changes to volume and program selected)
  • Push Button Program Selector (manual controls)
  • Remote Controls

Personalisation Features

  • Customization including; Data Log, (to provide using information for better fine-tuning and refitting), Fine Tuning ( customizing to listening preferences), Live Speech Mapping (visualization of applied amplification), Frequency Shifting/Compression (transferring sounds from an area of no hearing to an area where meaningful audibility can be achieved)
  • Bluetooth & Telephone use (the ability to Bluetooth enabled devices and telephones)
  • Choice of Colours

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