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A cochlear Implant System replaces natural hearing with a technological solution. The better the technology is, the better your child (yourself) will hear. Central Auditory Processing depends on electrical input from the ear, the bigger the amount of electrical input the implant provides the better hearing will be. Only Advanced Bionics provides an adjustable stimulation rate of up to 83,000 pps, an adjustable frequency resolution of up to 120 spectral channels and an adjustable uncompressed dynamic range of up to 80 db.

No, the better the technology and the more flexible the system can be adjusted the faster, better and effortlessly your child will hear, aquire and use speech.

“pps” stands for “pulses per second” this means how fast (it's adjustable depending on your childs needs) the implant can deliver stimulation to the hearing nerve. This is similar to pixels in a camera, the higher the pixels, the sharper the picture. The higher the pps a system provides, the clearer the sound.

It means the amount of sound from softest to loudest, which an implant system can unaltered transmit to the hearing nerve. Unfortunately, some manufactures only puplish the total dynamic range of their system, but not the uncompressed dynamic range. The higher the uncompressed dynamic range, the clearer soft and loud sounds can be heared.

The number of spectral channels is equal to the number of individual sounds your child will be able to hear. 120 channels = 120 sounds; 12 channels = 12 sounds. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are not truthful in their claim of how many channels their system currently can transmit to the hearing nerve. It is therefore very important, in the interest of your child, to demand in writing from your vendor or hospital all technical details which have been promised to you.

Yes, the human auditory system is designed to receive input from both sides. Only if input from both sides is presented can the central auditory system develop normally and effortless hearing and speaking will be possible.

We offer a whole range of Sound Processors, all with fully functional implant technology, at different price ranges.

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Yes, very easy. All our implants are backwards compatible. This means whatever Sound Processors you buy now or in the future will work with your child’s implants.

Cochlear Implant Surgeries are routinely and safely done today. However as with all surgeries there is always a small risk for unforeseen complications. But a good hospital and surgeon will be well able to cope with it.