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Our Process


Establishing if you or your child will benefit from Cochlear Implants based on candidacy criteria for Children or Adults. Depending on the situation, your child might benefit from a up to 6 month hearing aid trial to confirm candidacy for cochlear implants. Not every child will perform the same with cochlear implants. Based on medical history and audiological profile we will discuss with you possible outcomes and benefits.


Cochlear Implants are technological miracles, but there is still hard work for your child and the whole family involved in supporting your child reaching her/his fullest potential. Besides the choice of implant technology providing good and intensive training (habilitation) is the single most deciding factor of successful implant use in small childrent. It is very important to understand the big responsibility and that habilitation is a 24/7 job for the whole family.


Selection of your surgeon and hospital of trust is all up to you. We can help and guide you by explaining you the surgical procedures and what options are available for you. Cochlear surgery is safe and is a widely done procedure today. However like with any surgery there are certain risks involved. The hospital and your surgeon of choice will guide you to the pre-surgical tests and requirements.


Surgery day, the big day when your child’s hearing is being restored. Depending on individual requests and hospital choice one or more of our team will be present to do some final tests, and to verify full functionality during and after the surgery.


Switch on day. 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. This is the day when your child will hear for the first time with her/his cochlear implant. Depending on hospital and personal preferences the switch on can be performed in the hospital or by one of our or Advanced Bionics specialist in one of our centres.


The real work, in many respects, starts now. During the initial 6 months, several mapping sessions will be necessary to establish your Child's best map. This is also the most important time to start with intensive habilitation therapy and training programs.


Habilitation therapy and training will be a regular thing for you and your child for years to come. Advanced Bionics and The Hearing Solution Group are fully committed to support you with know-how and materials to help you provide your child with the best opportunities.


Regular half yearly mapping and verification procedures will be necessary to make sure your chid keeps hearing his/her best and to make sure the implant and all its components are all working at their best.