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Sound Processors

Advanced Bionics Currently offers 3 standard sound processor options (Naida, Neptune, Harmony) & one entry level (Auria) solutions. With features from completely off the ear, completely waterproof sound processer to Noise reduction, multi microphone solution and wireless technology, depending on your individual sound processing requirements there is a solution for you.

The sound processor is the part of your cochlear implant system which collects sounds and processes them for delivery to your implant. The sound processors capabilities are very important and it determines how sounds are being processed and what is being sent on to your implant. As it's is worn on your ear or body, there are some physical features and benefits for you to consider.

Naida Q70 is the latest / newest member of Advanced Bionics Sound processor family. Taking full advantage of their decade long experience in front end sound processing, noise reduction, multi microphone solution and wireless technology, the Naida Q70 is undoubtedly the most complete and sophisticated in the market today.

Neptune, the world’s first and still only completely off the ear, completely waterproof sound processer. Paired with Advanced Bionics unique, into the headpiece integrated aquaphonic microphone technology, you can limitless play and hear in around and under water. All the while, enjoying AB’s Hi-Res 90k 120 channel sound processing power.

Sound Processor Choices and Features

  Naida Neptune

AB MyPilot

Instant control and status information 
Binaural users my operate both Sound Processors simultaneous with the Remote Control


(height x width x depth) in mm 
49 x 9 x 19 17 x 18 x 58
Weight incl. battery 11g  32g
Waterproof IP 57 (Naida) IP 68 (with AquaCase) and AquaMic  IP 68 with AquaMic
Microphones tow omnidirectional Microphones on top, one located in the heapiece  Microphone located in the headpiece


Natural microphone placement
Yes  Yes, with T-Comm


The Adaptive Beamformer
Yes  No


Dual-microphone with VoiceStream
Yes  No


The widest range of sound
Yes  Yes


The industry’s only speech Enhancement technology
Yes  Yes
Program Memories 3
User Controls Buttom fuctions for program changing, volume level, microphone sensitivitiy & stand-by mode.  Program switch, volume dial & sensitivity dial

Audible Alarms

Programmable end of Battery life warning peeps
Yes  Yes

Visual Status

Led on Sound Processor to reasure parents/care giver
Yes  Yes


Phone call streaming to both ears
Yes  No
Battery life Rechargable: up to 36 hours Disposabel: up to 56 hurs External AAA power pack: up to 183 hours Rechargeable: up to 21 hours Disposable: up to 30 hours
Direct plug in for Audio Cables Yes, with ComPilot Yes
Telecoil Yes Yes, with T-Comm
FM connect-ability Yes Yes
Bluetooth connect-ability Yes, with ComPilot No


One touch control For 2 processors
Yes No
Wireless Bilateral Streaming Yes No
Wireless connecting between Hearing Aid and Sound Processor Yes No
Warranty Sound Processor: up to 5 years Universal Headpiece: 5 years AquaMic: 2 years Cables: 1 year Sound Processor: up to 5 years Universal Headpiece: 5 years AquaMic: 2 years Cables: 1 year

Other Sound Processors


The original Advanced Bionics Hi-Res 90k 120 channel sound processor, it remains hugely popular for parents who are looking for latest technology at an affordable price.


Our entry level Sound Processor fully compatible with Hi-Res 90k implants.