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Why Cochlear Implants?

4 Main Benefits of Cochlear Implants

4 Main Benefits of Cochlear Implants

  • Provide meaningful hearing where hearing aids do not help
  • Enable children to develop speech
  • Allow children to go to regular school
  • Understanding speech without visual cues

Cochlear Implants Benefits

Cochlear Implants are for individuals who do not get sufficient hearing benefit from Hearing aids, because of inadequate cochlear functions.

Hearing aids amplify, modify, focus and clean sounds, but these sounds still have to be converted by the cochlear into electrical stimuli. If the cochlear’s ability to do this is too limited, the signal which arrives in the brain is either too weak or not detailed enough for the listener to derive meaningful hearing.

Cochlear Implants help patients who cannot benefit from conventional hearing aids by converting sounds directly into electrical impulses and delivering them to the hearing nerve, bypassing cochlear functions.

Limitations of Cochlear Implants

If the hearing loss is due to retro-cochlear (after the cochlear) problems, a cochlear implant might not work. In such cases further audiological investigation will be necessary to determine the exact cause and location. A unique service which only “The Hearing Solution Company” can offer in such situations is an eABR or Promontory test. For this test, we will electrically stimulate the base of cochlear, and use an ABR (Automated Brainstem Response) audiometer to see if the stimuli were transmitted to the Brain. Depending on the outcome of this test we might recommend to go ahead with a cochlear implant or suggest alternative solutions.