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Inside the Canal

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and forms, to suit certain hearing requirements or user preferences. BTE (Behind the Ear) models are mainly used for more severe hearing loss or if cost is a concern; RIC (Receiver in Canal) is a cosmetically good solution and provides added benefit of wearing comfort; Custom made hearing aids which are fitted directly inside the ear or ear canal provide natural hearing and a high degree of discretion.

the Canal

the Canal

Custom made for each customer into an individual manufactured unique shell, which sits at the entrance of your ear canal.

Suitable for: Mild to moderate hearing loss. Great for active lifestyles.

Advantages of ITC

  • Easy to insert
  • Volume control
  • Small size
  • Limited Occlusion Control
  • Excellent microphones & receiver positioning
  • Completely wireless connections via a special Bluetooth protocol may be available


  • Expensive remakes if shells break
  • Can be difficult to change volume
  • FM and wired connections rarely available