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Receiver in the Canal

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and forms, to suit certain hearing requirements or user preferences. BTE (Behind the Ear) models are mainly used for more severe hearing loss or if cost is a concern; RIC (Receiver in Canal) is a cosmetically good solution and provides added benefit of wearing comfort; Custom made hearing aids which are fitted directly inside the ear or ear canal provide natural hearing and a high degree of discretion.

Receiver in
the Canal

Receiver in
the Canal

Loudspeaker (receiver) is placed outside of Hearing Aid casing directly into the outer ear canal, with custom shell or instant fit. A great option for all hearing losses.

Advantages of RIC

  • Open Fit as standard (improves wearer comfort and sound quality)
  • Small size – virtually invisible
  • Occlusion Control – provides reduced or no feeling of occlusion
  • More amplification & loudness (placing receiver inside the ear canal reduces ear canal volume which results in more perceived loudness)
  • Smoother frequency response (better sound quality)


  • Small Batteries may result in shorter battery life
  • FM and wired connections rarely available
  • Telecoil rarely available