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Hearing Aid Batteries

Our Batteries are manufactured by the German Varta-Power ONE the largest hearing aid battery manufacturer worldwide. Just SGD $2.90 per pack. Lowest price in Singapore.

Long lasting and high voltage hearing aid Batteries available in the following sizes:

  • Size 10
  • Size 13
  • Size 312
  • Size 675

Made from Varta, power one hearing aid Zinc air batteries are manufactured in the world’s largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany. Well known for its quality and reliability, they are extremely long lasting and comfortable.

Zinc air batteries are ideal for today’s digital hearing aids due to its high energy density as well as an almost flat drain curve. This means that the hearing aid can perform at a consistent level throughout the lifetime of the battery. With a protective tab to keep the batteries in an “inactive state”, you can be sure that the batteries you get are in the best possible condition.

Low Quality batteries can damage YOUR hearing aids and make you hear worse.

THSC branded batteries are made by the German Varta Microbattery GmBH

  • One of the World’s most popular hearing aid battery brands
  • The reason for their extraordinary success: they combine the highest quality and reliability, an extremely long life and maximum comfort.
  • At Power One, every battery is tested before it leaves the works - 100%. The comfort packaging then receives a quality seal, which safely seals and protects it. The rustproof batteries themselves have an outstanding service life, especially where high power demands are concerned. Behind all this is a special, patented technology that enhances the cell voltage.
  • Power One is particularly consumer-minded when it comes to handling the battery. Extra-long tabs facilitate removal of the cell from the packaging and insertion into the hearing aid.
  • The environment is equally important to power one. Hence, power one is the only manufacturer in the world to provide a complete range of environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries, together with chargers, for hearing aids.
  • For more information on Power one hearing aid batteries, please visit

Battery FAQ's

For best results, store your batteries at a temperature between 20 - 25 degree Celsius. Temperatures below 10 and above 30 degrees, and a damp environment may shorten battery life.

How to carry / store my hearing aid batteries

Loose batteries my touch metal objects such as keys or coins or each other. This can cause the batteries to short-circuit and loose power.

Our batteries come in sizes, 675, 13, 312 and 10

They are colour coded for easier identification: size 675 – blue, size 13 – orange, size 312 – brown and size 10 - yellow

Hearing aid batteries use oxygen from the air as power source. There are small holes on the bottom of the batteries, and once the sticker is removed, oxygen enters into the batteries and activates them. It takes a couple of seconds until the batteries are at full capacity.

Please do not remove the sticker until you intend to use the batteries to extend their expire date