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Our Process


Initial Consultation

Everyone’s perceived hearing problems are individual and independent of the type and degree of hearing loss. We will discuss with you, how your hearing problems are affecting your life and communication ability and what you are expecting from your visit to us.

A short medical history about your hearing loss and hearing aid use (if ever) will help us decide on how to proceed with your best long-term hearing treatment plan.

Finally, we will explain to you in some detail our tests and procedures and what you may expect from your visit to us.



Testing will start off by having a look into your ears to ensure that there are no obstructions or other contraindications which would prevent us to proceed with our standard audiological evaluation procedure.

For the prescription of the right haring aid technology level, we will need to establish your hearing threshold over all test frequencies for air and bone conduction followed by a noise sensitivity test.

The test results are used to select the necessary technology level prescription.


Demonstration & Validation

Once we know the prescribed technology level required to compensate for your hearing problems, we will proceed to fit you with two test devices to give you a first impression of better hearing and to facilitate easier communication.

Wearing your trial hearing aids, we will explain to you all about your test results. If along the way you feel that the sound or loudness level is not to your liking let us now and we will make the necessary corrections immediately. The goal of your initial fit is that you are 100 % comfortable with your new hearing.


Hearing Aid Style Selection

In most technology levels we have several brands and 6 different styles available. Together we will look at all the styles and will explain you all the pro and cons of every style to help you to make an informed decision of your future hearing aids.

Hearing Aids provide the most benefit if they are worn every day, the whole day on both ears. Therefore, it's very important that the style of your hearing aids fulfils your expectations in regards of comfort, handling and discretion.


Selection of Options

Options are technical features not medically necessary based on your prescription, but they might greatly enhance your user experience in specific situations.

Before your final decision let us show you what’s available in your prescribed technology level and beyond.

One must try option is direct one touch streaming of telephone calls directly into your hearing aids.


Collection and Fine Tuning

Together we have determined your final choice. If no customization is necessary, you can take your hearing aids home with you right away, or you may have to wait a few days depends on the style you choose. While some styles are available from stock, others need to be fitted with custom made earmolds or are totally custom made.

We don’t want to burden you with too much information about how to take care and other information about your hearing aids initially. We will give you this information gradually during your next one or two follow up visits



Getting your hearing aids is just the first, but very important, step in your journey to better hearing and better quality of life.

We will make sure that your hearing aids sound as comfortable as possible initially, keeping in mind that you need to adjust gradually to hearing all the sounds of life, again. This might take anywhere from 2 to 6 months and require some training at home and 2 to 4 follow up consultations. Along the way we are always here to guide you and lend a helping hand if you have any questions or concerns.

Your journey to better hearing will be an ongoing one and you will need to come back every 6 months to check on your hearing, make any adjustments if necessary and ensure that your hearing aids are always in best working condition.