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Why Hearing Aids?

6 Main Benefits of Hearing Aids

6 Main Benefits of Hearing Aids

  • Better hearing & reduction of listening fatigue
  • Avoiding Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Communication & increased confidence
  • Avoiding Social Isolation leading to depression
  • Improved Quality of life/overall health

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss negatively affects all facets of life and health. Hearing aids will greatly improve this situation, by amplifying, modifying, focusing and cleaning all the sounds you are listening to. This will enable you to hear louder, clearer and with much less effort providing your brain with the auditory stimulation it needs to continue to function normally.

Currently the only solution available for most kinds of hearing loss is treatment via hearing aids ortherapy of the central auditory system, or more often a combination of both.

If selected and fitted according to your hearing loss and needs, hearing aids will greatly improve your hearing and provide the correct amount of auditory input into your central nervous system.

3 Limitations of Hearing Aids

However there are certain conditions where hearing aids do not work or provide only limited benefit.

  • If the damage to your cochlear is so extensive, that treatment with hearing aids only provides you with loud sounds but not the necessary resolution to understand speech, a Cochlear Implant might be indicated.
  • If you suffer from long-term auditory deprivation or other forms of Central Auditory Processing Deficiencies, hearing aids alone might not be enough. In such cases Auditory Therapy along with your hearing aids might lead to a more satisfactory result.
  • If you suffer from Central Auditory Processing Deficiencies without having any measurable hearing loss, the use of hearing aids is not indicated. In such cases extensive auditory therapy or other intervention will be necessary.