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Not only are we born with hearing, but we actually can hear even before we are born, however we have to learn to assign meaning to the sounds heard. Assigning meaning to the heard sound happens in the brains Central Auditory Processing Centres. This process is a learned process and depends on perfect hearing, combined with the contribution of other senses, and reasoning.

Normal Central Auditory Processing depends on two factors. Firstly, normal hearing to provide the correct amount of input and secondly, normal central auditory processing ability, whereas the creation and maintenance of the second depends on the first.

Our therapy focuses on strengthening the central auditory system in the absence of normal hearing or in the presence of any form of CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Deficiency).


The therapy itself focuses on 8 specific tasks and will be conducted with the help of a training device (Auditory Trainer AT-3000). Results and improvements are clearly quantifiable against a sample of normal age specific performance and your previous performance. The aim is to achieve a central auditory performance in the 8 trained task of a 20 year old individual.

Initial assessment is done in the clinic with daily about 30 minutes of practice at home and weekly follow up assessments in the clinic.