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7 Main Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss

7 Main Reasons to
Treat Hearing Loss

7 Main Reasons to Treat Hearing Loss

  • Improve earning power
  • Improve communication in relationships
  • Improve intimacy and warmth in family relationships
  • Improve ease in communication
  • Improve emotional stability
  • Improve sense of control over life events
  • Improve physical health

Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss is not a disease by itself, but a symptom that the auditory system is not performing as well as it should.

Hearing treatment can be divided into two different parts;

1) To treat the underlying causes of hearing loss

2) To treat the consequences of hearing loss

Treating the underlying cause is a medical issue and here we will only discuss about dealing with the consequences of hearing loss.

When dealing with the consequences of hearing loss, we have two distinct areas of focus; a) to alleviate the immediate effects of loss of audibility b) dealing with immediate and long-term effects on the central auditory system.

In most cases hearing loss originate from the cochlear and it’s lessened or inability to convert mechanical sound information accurately into electrical information which the brain can use for hearing information.

Hearing is an acquired/learned skill which we start learning already in prenatal stages. To learn and maintain hearing, it is essential to hear all sounds of the human hearing spectrum.

The Aim of Hearing Treatments

The aim of hearing treatment is to provide enough auditory information to compensate for the malfunctioning in the cochlea and to strengthen the central auditory centres in the brain.

As we can only understand what can be heard, providing audibility with as wide as possible frequency and dynamic range is the first concern.