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Hearing problems normally progress very slowly and unnoticeable. You might first notice it at first that you are having some compunction problems, especially in a noisy environment. Once you notice an actual problem you should immediately proceed with having a professional hearing assessment done.

No, depending on your hearing needs there are many cosmetically very appealing options available to you. Options include hiding your our hearing aids invisible into your ear canal to having tiny instruments behind your ear in the colour of your hair or skin. Make an appointment with any of our centres to find out how small and unnoticeable our hearing aids are.

Prolonged exposure to loud sounds and normal aging process and often a combination of both are the most common causes of hearing problems.

Our hearing aids amplify and change sounds to make them comfortable audible to you and remove background noise which might interfere with you effortlessly understand speech in all environments.

Our hearing aids will benefit you far beyond better hearing. As hearing loss has far reaching implications on general and psychological heath, our hearing aids will improve all aspects of your life, but especially your mental health and social life.

No, not very likely. Hearing tests are rarely done as part of normal health screenings, unless you request so. Once people around you, including your doctor, notice that you are having a hearing problem you most likely have it since a considerable time. The first one to notice a hearing problem will be yourself, followed by your loved ones.

Yes, typically hearing loss is categorized by the location of the problem into Conductive, Sensory Neural and Mixed hearing loss. According to the severity into mild, moderate, sever, profound and residual.

No, hearing loss can start early in life, depending on genetics, general health, overall noise exposure and many other factors.

Only very few and very specific hearing problems can be solved medically. These problems are mostly related to the middle ear and outer ear problems. Most hearing problems have their source in the inner ear and there are currently very limited treatment options besides our hearing aids and therapy.

How well you will hear with our high tech hearing aids depend on several factors, most of all on how long you had an unaided hearing loss and how well your central auditory centres can process sounds.

Come to us for a detailed hearing assessment to confirm if you have indeed a hearing loss. If you don’t have the time you may also try our online hearing test now. If your suspicions are confirmed you are advised to consult with an ENT to rule out any medical problems and unless there are any contraindications may come back to us for proper treatment.

If the problem is of such, which can benefit from medical intervention, an ENT doctor would prescribe and execute any necessary treatment. If the problem needs intervention with our hearing aids and/or therapy you may come directly to us for detailed assessment and consultation.

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