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Our Process

The evaluation typical consists of the following steps:


Consultation to evaluate your perceived hearing problems

We like to learn about your daily communication problems and what hearing situations are most important for you to improve


Medical History and Lifestyle profile

We need to find out as much as possible about your medical history to rule out any problems which might need attention of a physician. To understand your daily routines and activities will help us to determine the best possible course of treatment and equipment.


Visual examination of your ear and ear canal

We need to look into your ear to see if there are any obstructions or other problems which may prevent us to proceed with testing your hearing. We also want to make sure that there is no hole or other injury to your eardrum which needs medical attention.


Testing your Hearing sensitivity for sound

You will hear tones of different frequency and intensity and need you need to tell us once you can just hear each of these tones. This will tell us about your current ability to hear sounds and will be the basis to provide suitable amplification.


Establishing your ability to discriminate speech

The ability to discriminate speech is often the main concern in a hearing problem and not directly related to the general ability to hear sounds. You will hear short letter combinations which you need to repeat exactly as you understood them.


Evaluating the speed and accuracy with which you can process sounds

The human brain is designed to receive a huge range of sounds. If due to a problem in the ears less information reaches the auditory centres of the brain, their abilities degrade gradually.

We need to understand how fast and accurate you can process sounds to customize future treatment.


Summary of evaluation

Based on all tests and evaluations we will be able to give you an overview of your overall hearing ability. It will also help us to recommend and the best cause for treatment to restore your hearing to minimize communication problems and solve your most important hearing concerns.