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Typical Solutions for Kids

Varied solutions are available today depending on your childs individual hearing situation. However a few basics rules apply to all situations. Your child needs to hear as early in life as possible, from both ears and as well as possible. This often includes providing hearing aids with child appropriate technology.

Important: Not all hearing instruments and not all technology is appropriate for your child in all situations at all stages of auditory development.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Your child’s hearing aids are not just meant for hearing and to develop speech. They are absolutely necessary to allow as normal auditory development as possible. These two needs are sometimes contradictory and extra care has to be taken to use the right technology in the right situations at the right time.

Primarily your child needs hearing aids to provide the best audibility over the widest possible frequency range. This is necessary to stimulate and foster central auditory development, even if your child’s current measurements suggest that he/she may not sufficiently hear these frequencies.

Noise reduction and speech enhancements systems are designed to enable users to hear speech better, in competing noise environments. This is done by reducing the signal complexities and thus the overall auditory input. These technologies are very helpful to hear speech but may impede l auditory development of your child. As such they should only be used in certain situations as explained by your hearing care consultant. A much better alternative to enhance speech in noisy environments or children are Bluetooth and FM system which we will explain below.