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Our Cochlear Implants Process

Our Cochlear
Implants Process

Our Cochlear Implants Process

If hearing aids are not sufficient to give enough useful hearing to your child or if your childs hearing is not enough that hearing aids are expected not to provide enough benefit, cochlear implants might be indicated.

We take our responsibility and the importance of providing enough hearing to enable your child to acquire speech and attend mainstream school extremely serious. Therefor we offer you only products and services which we consider the best available today anywhere in the world.

Cochlear implants function different from hearing aids in the way that they stimulate the hearing nerve directly with electrical stimuli, replacing most functions of peripheral hearing with a technological solution.

To help you keep track on your childs progress we will issue you your childs “Hearing Journey folder” a place to keep all important documents on your childs journey to hearing and speech.

Due to the irreversible nature of a cochlear implant extreme caution must be taken to ensure that your child is not implanted unless hearing aids do not work. Whenever necessary and appropriate a hearing aid trial will be conducted with the most powerful hearing aid. Only if the results with the hearing aid are not satisfactory, will we proceed with the cochlear implant. The trial hearing aids (within 6 months) may be refunded towards the cost of the cochlear implant. A detailed medical history will help us in the final selection to determine suitability for a cochlear implant and to plan on habilitation milestones.

Much more than with hearing aids, having correct audiological information is imperative before proceeding with a cochlear implant for your child. Especially with young children, because we cannot rely on their subjective feedback during testing, objective measurements are very important to obtain enough information about the childs hearing. We will use a battery of tests to test and to verify accuracy of the obtained results. Among the test we will perform is Impedance Audiometry, various age specific free field measurements, ABR / ASSR and OAE.

If conventional audiological tests are inconclusive and MRI and CT scans do reveal some complicated or missing retro-cochlear structures we can perform preoperatively promontory stimulation eABR’s to make sure your child can potentially benefit from a Cochlear Implant. Depending on your country of residency we might assist you in providing certain payment options. Should you need help with selection of a hospital we will be able to assist you in the selection process.

Post implantation we are able to assist you with our team of qualified CI specialists and Habilitationist in Switch-on, ongoing mapping and eSRT’s and hearing and speech training.

Your childs progress will be most evident through hearing and speech therapy progress and ultimately through language development. If there is any doubt, we can also use electrophysiological tests to assess your childs retro cochlear development progress with the use of the hearing aids.

We provide 5 year warranty for the speech processor and coil and one year for cables and other accessories. The implant is covered by a 10 year warranty which will include the latest technology upgrade and coverage of hospital and surgery costs.

Our Aftercare Cochlear Implants

Aftercare is an integral part of every Cochlear Implant system we offer. It will take time for your childs auditory system to adapt to the stimulation from a cochlear implant. Additionally your childs auditory system will develop until age 5 and in some aspects well beyond.

Your childs sound processor program (map) needs to change along with these developments and you need to come in initially based on your individual schedule and later, every 6 month for a quick check. If your childs hearing or requirements should have changed we will re-adjusts the map accordingly.

By testing your devices regularly, every six months, we can make sure they keep working just as we intended them to. In the event that your sound processors fail altogether we cover you with a 2 - 5 year warranty depending on device category.

To minimize the downtime we offer immediate exchange replacement of your childs sound processor and accessories. Depending on available stock we strive to replace items to you immediately.