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Our Hearing Aids Process

Our Hearing
Aids Process

Our Hearing Aids Process

We take our responsibility and the importance of providing enough hearing to enable your child to acquire speech and attend mainstream school extremely serious. Therefor we offer you only products and services which we consider the best available today anywhere in the world.

Children’s demands on hearing aids differ from adults due to need for central auditory development to facilitate speech acquisition and academic success. To help you keep track on your childs progress we will issue you your childs “Hearing Journey folder”, a place to keep all important documents on your childs journey to hearing and speech.

Sufficient audibility over the widest possible frequency range along with clear sound is absolutely essential. Additionally your childs hearing aids have to provide access to ALD’s such as FM and Induction Loop Systems.

A detailed medical history and audiological assessment will help us in the final selection of suitable paediatric hearing aids and to plan on habilitation milestones.

Much more than with adults, having correct audiological information is very important when providing children with hearing aids.

Especially with young children, because we cannot rely on their subjective feedback during testing, objective measurements are very important to obtain enough information about the childs hearing. We will use a battery of tests to test and to verify accuracy of the obtained results. Among the test we will perform is Impedance Audiometry, various age specific free field measurements, ABR / ASSR and OAE.

Hearing aids are selected based on the clinical assessment and needed specifications to achieve best audibility for your childs hearing. To ensure that the selected hearing aids are not too loud we will verify the loudness with stapedius reflex measurements.

When selecting your childs hearing aids we need to consider also durability and flexibility of the devices. We offer very durable, “Kids Tough” devices, which will be able to endure rough handling by small children. Equally important is flexibility. We will take outmost care providing your child with the best correction for the hearing loss, but as the ear grows and hearing develops frequent re-adjustments will be necessary.

You will need to bring in your child at least every three to six months to check earmould fit, hearing aid performance and your childs hearing progress. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, your childs set of hearing aids will come with custom made earmolds.

We make your childs earmolds in-house and are proud to offer you a variety of colours and designs to engage your child in the process.

Our hearing aids come with 1-3 year warranty, depending on style and product sophistication.

Your childs progress will be most evident through hearing and speech therapy progress and ultimately through language development. If there is any doubt, we can also use electrophysiological tests to assess your childs retro cochlear development progress with the use of the hearing aids.

Our Aftercare Hearing Aids

Aftercare is an integral part of every Hearing aid fitting and hearing treatment we offer.

Your childs auditory system will develop until age 5 in some aspects well beyond, the ears and ear canal still grows along with the rest of the body and as your child gets more cooperative we will learn more and more of his/her hearing ability.

Your childs hearing aids need to change along with these developments and you need to come in every 3 to 6 month for a quick check. If your childs hearing or requirements should have changed we will re-adjusts the hearing aids accordingly.

No need to worry about any cost, as our special customer all after care and follow up visits are free of charge. As your child ears grow earmolds might become loose and cause feedback or other problems.

We take upmost care to provide you with the best hearing aids and accessories available today, but as hearing aids are worn on the body and subject to sweat and other negative influences, some degree of wear and tear must be expected.

Some of these changes might accrue very gradually and unnoticeable. By testing your devices regularly, every six months, we can make sure they keep working just as we intended them to. In the event that your hearing aids fail altogether we cover you with a 1 – 3 year warranty depending on device category.

Normal life of hearing aids is around 5 years and within that time we will always be able to repair your hearing aids quickly and effectively making sure you are never too long without them.