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Our Therapy Process

Our Therapy

Our Therapy Process

To provide the best Therapy, also known as Hearing Training, we will perform an extensive evaluation of your childs current abilities which will include but not limited to motoric, visual, auditory and verbal assessments. Based on the assessment we will develop an overall training strategy and a specific lesson plan.

During every visit with our therapist we will train with you and your child, evaluate the current status and provide you with ideas and lessons for you to practice with your child at home.

We will offer you clear measurable achievable targets to practice for with you child.

Once targets are achieved we move on to the next level. The overall aim of the therapy is to develop and strengthen your childs auditory system so it can function independently to develop speech.

Our Aftercare Hearing Therapy

Normal auditory development starts in the mother’s womb at around week 26 of pregnancy. Until your child got his/her hearing aids or CI’s he/she didn’t hear enough and thus didn’t follow a normal auditory development. Even once your child got the best devices the input to the central auditory system still will not be 100 % normal.

Your child needs special help in compensating for the delay and reduced input. To provide additional necessary input to your childs central auditory centres special Auditory training, training devices and software applications are available.

These trainings will help your child to automate the whole hearing process reducing the strain on concentration. Additionally, a special part of these trainings will concentrate to help with the difficult tasks of hearing in noise, directional hearing ability and the ability to discriminate speech prosody and let you train your childs ability to understand plosives.

Accurate and automated hearing is a prerequisite of clear speech production and also of academic success. Additionally your child will need the family to help with the acquisition of normal speech and vocabulary with the help of professionals in this field. For further information follow this link.