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Cochlear Implants

Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Systems

A Cochlear Implant System consists of the Implant, the part which is implanted just under the skin behind the ear and the Sound Processor, which is worn very much like a hearing aid with a headpiece which connects to the implant. Some benefits and featuresare specific to either (the implant or the sound processor), but both work together in the application of the core technologies.

naida         neptune        harmony       
Sound Processor        Neptune        Harmony       

System features

Stimulation Rate Up to 83,000pps
Uncompressed Input dynamic Range Up to 80 dB
Spectral Bands/Channels Up to 120
Sound Coding Strategies CIS, MPS, MiRes-P/S, HiRes-F120-P/S, ClearVoice, HiRes Optima


All Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants provide identical features and benefits however the delivery system, the electrode array, differs according to your preference and medical necessity. The electrode array is the part,once inserted into your cochlear, which will electrically stimulate your hearing nerve.

Implant features

Maximum Number of Simultaneous electrode stimulation 4
Transmission Speed and Data transfer 49 MHz1 Mb/second
Implant length/width in mm 56.0 / 28.0
Implant Case thickness 5.5 mm
Bone recess depth 3 mm
Implant casing material Titanium
Damage resistance to impact 6 joules
Removable Magnet Yes
MRI upto 1.5 Tesla
Warranty 10 years (including cover of hospital and surgery costs)


Electrode Arrays

Advanced Bionics today offers 3 different Electrode Arrays suitable for different medical applications and for different surgical preferences. The HiFocus Mid Scala is the world’s first and only free floating electrode designed for least cochlear impact and optimum residual hearing reservation.

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Sound Processors

Advanced Bionics Currently offers 3 standard sound processor options (Naida, Neptune, Harmony) & one entry level (Auria) solutions. With features from completely off the ear, completely waterproof sound processer to Noise reduction, multi microphone solution and wireless technology, depending on your individual sound processing requirements there is a solution for you.

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