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Hearing Enhancement Systems / Assistive Listening Devices

What is Hearing Enhancement System / Assistive Listening Device?

The purpose of hearing enhancement system is to improve the hearing of individuals who are using Hearing Aids in challenging environments where;

  • A PA system is in use
  • Background noise is present
  • Sound barriers are present

Common Applications

ALDs are commonly used in schools, small group meetings, one to one conversation, watching movies at home or listening to music.

Available Solutions

There are 3 main kinds of Hearing Enhancement System, namely

  1. Induction Loop System
  2. FM Systems
    1. Personal FM Systems
    2. Siemens easyTek
    3. BernafonSoundgate / TV Adapter / Phone Adapter
    4. Starkey Surflink Mobile and Surflink Media (only available in Indonesia)
    5. Apple devices – iPhone / iPad / iPod
  3. Infra-Red System

Comparison Table

  Loops Infra-Red FM
For End User - Hearing Impaired Individual      
Provides direct sound Yes Yes Yes
Uses hearing aid for optimised sound (without additional neck loop) Yes - -
No receivers (simple, hygienic) Yes - -
Discreet (no discrimination) Yes - -
Doesn't require line of sight Yes - -
Suitable for 'transient' use (e.g transport and retail) Yes - -
For Service Provider, Venue Operator or Specifier      
No receivers (major cost saving) Yes - -
Doesn't require building modification - Yes Yes
No licensing required Yes Yes -
Can be confidential (not received outside intended area) Yes Yes -
Suitable for 'transient' use (e.g transport and retail) Yes - -
Doesn't require line of sight Yes - Yes
Isn't affected by daylight or windows Yes - Yes


Yes, both our available systems (induction loop and FM) comply with the BCA code of accessibility 2013.

It depends on how the system will be used and where you would like to install the system. You can refer to the comparison table to see the difference in the 2 systems or call us at 6337 0090 and our staff will be able to advise you further. Upon discussion, we can propose and design the more cost effective and beneficial solution.

Our induction loop driver comes with a 5 years warranty and all our FM devices come with a 2 years warranty.

Upon completion of the installation of all loop systems, we will provide a final commissioning of the system with a “Certificate of Conformity” in accordance to the IEC60118-4-2006.

For induction loop system, there is a one-time charge per room and installation depending on the size and shape of the coverage area and loop design solution. Once installed, there is no operational cost, regular maintenance, cleaning or part exchange needed.