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Cochlear Implant Services

Cochlear implant candidacy depends of many factors, getting not enough benefit from hearing aids is chief among them. Depending on the age of implantation, more or less intensive therapy will be necessary to get the best benefit out of the implant system. To keep hearing your best with your cochlear implant, regular evaluations and programming is necessary.

We are one of the companies who provide complete cochlear implant services globally. This includes all aspects of testing and candidacy selection - Product selection, as well as switch on, and ongoing mapping.

We start with an in-depth consultation explaining all aspects of getting and using a cochlear implant, making you familiar with all the components of the internal and external parts. Based on your child’s individual situation we will discuss with you all possible outcomes and benefit limitations if ever.

It is very important to understand that cochlear implants are different to a hearing aid. It does not mean your child will automatically hear and start talking. To get the best benefit from cochlear implants the whole family has to help with providing the best environment and training for your child to make up the time lost for hearing development.

If you need we will also assist you will the selection of the hospital and surgeon.

We offer only one implant technology with several electrode arrays to choose from. But we have a big assortment of Sound Processors with different capabilities and in different price classes.

All our systems are back ward compatible, so even if you have to choose a less sophisticated system today, due to financial reason, you can upgrade to the latest technology at any time.

After implantation our team of qualified specialists supported by regular visits from Advanced Bionics will switch on the implant and stay on your side for future mappings and fine-tunings. In the unlikely event that the external part or even the internal part fails you can rest assured to be covered by the industries best warranty package.

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