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Instrument Selection & Care Processes

Product Selection

Product Selection

Electronic Devices play a major role in most hearing treatments. To help you finding just the right solution for you is one of our main responsibilities.

Product selection divides into two parts, medical/audiological and patient preferences.

Medical/audiological is determined by your test results and specific needs.

For most products there are a variety of styles, colours and technical options available for you to choose. Styles for adults will mostly depend on your desire for discretion, the smaller the device the less visible it normally is. But style is also important for comfort; the way the device is worn might have a big impact on comfort.

For Kids styles are important based on their age and physical activity level.

Colours can be applied in different ways. For some, especially adults, a device in hair or skin colour will aid discretion. For others colours can be fun or a fashion statement. Colourful devices, especially for children, can boost their confidence and willingness to use them every day.

There are many and often amazing options available with today's hearing devices. Your consultant will show you what options are available within the device you chose and might show you other devices which fit all your selection criteria but with even more amazing options.

Fitting and Programming

Each hearing problem is individual. To offer individual solutions devices today are fully computerized and software driven.

Based on your clinical test results, sophisticated algorithms will calculate the initial settings for your device. Using this as a starting point, together we will fine-tune your device.

We can do this by using objective or subjective methods.

Subjective methods are usually used with adults and can be as simple as just asking your perception, or can be combined with some subjective tests.

With children, as they can’t give reliable subjective feedback, we have to rely more on the calculated algorithms and some objective fitting methods.

Objective fitting methods include real ear measurements and aided audiograms in free field.

Hearing Aid Services

Our holistic approach to hearing aid services encompasses all aspects from thorough and industry leading clinical assessments over device selection and fitting processes to the latest products to suit all needs in all price classes.

We will start with a consultation to find out all about your perceived problems and expectations. Then will continue with an in-depth clinical assessments (adult or child depends on age) to establish your hearing and central (auditory) skills and abilities. Typical clinical assessments will consist of Pure Tone Audiogram, Speech in Noise test, Central Auditory processing and short term memory test.

Hearing aid selection will be based on the clinical assessment test results. We will guide you to select the style and options you are most comfortable with.

Hearing aid treatment is an ongoing process and we will need you to come back initially after 2 – 4 and 6 weeks and ultimately every 6 months. This is necessary to give your central auditory system time to adapt to amplification and to preserve it over time.