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Tinnitus Management

To address your tinnitus problem effectively we have to perform a series of specific tests and ask you a series of very specific questions of your problems. Treatment takes place mostly in the privacy of your home and is a mixture of counselling, masking and music therapy and typically takes 6 months.

Our tinnitus management therapy and devices are scientifically tested and proven to be effective in 91% of all cases which fall within the candidacy criteria. Candidacy criteria is established through a thorough questionnaire and detailed clinical audiological evaluation including tinnitus matching and a high frequency audiogram.

The treatment itself is based on relieving the tinnitus at its neurological origin.

The treatment is device based and consists of two phases. Phase one will pre-condition your central auditory system to the tinnitus and desensitization process in phase two will make the relief permanent.

Throughout the whole process you will be supported and accompanied by your personal tinnitus consultant for testing, regular counselling session or to address any concerns arising along the way.

We have several different devices available depending on the severity of your tinnitus.

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