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Why Therapy?

5 Main Benefits of Hearing Therapy

  • You will be able to concentrate better in all situations.
  • You will get faster and effortlessly used to your Hearing Aids.
  • You can have relaxed conversations in noisy surroundings again.
  • You are able to locate information from different directions and understand better again.
  • You can hear better on the telephone again, even if you are in a noisy surroundings.

Why Therapy?

Comprehending the meaning of sounds and language (Central Hearing) is a learned/ acquired ability.

This ability we acquire in early childhood and maintain constantly through practice. Listening to music and speech is very important, however, they are only a small part of it. The majority of auditory input is made up of all the sounds and noises around us.

The Central auditory centre in the brain are designed to work with this wide input and if deprived of it our ability to decipher meaning from sounds reduces progressively.

As all learned/ acquired abilities the ability to hear is subject to change and if you don't use/practice it, you will get less and less skillful.

Auditory Training enables Central Hearing to analyse speech & sounds automatically, fast and accurately (again).

Regardless of age or Peripheral hearing status optimal Central Hearing processing speeds and accuracy may be achieved and maintained throughout life.