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Neuromonics Sanctuary

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatments are the only FDA approved, clinically proven aid for Tinnitus to successfully reduce tinnitus and ear noise disturbance by up to 92% of suitable candidates of more than 70%.

Neuromonics Sanctuary

Neuromonics Sanctuary


Neuromonics Sanctuary is a tinnitus management tool targeting to provide immediate relief for the tinnitus patients while listening to the device. Patients are assessed using a questionnaire called the TRQ (Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire), which is used to gauge the degree of one's tinnitus disturbance - Patients whose score is 35 or below are deemed to be suitable for this product.

Incorporating a Phase One Neuromonics Stimulus, the Sanctuary provides a sense of control by delivering a semi customized signal designed for maximum interaction with the tinnitus perception. This interaction provides an almost immediate sense of control and relief for the tinnitus patient.

This device is meant for individuals who with a complaint of tinnitus that are seeking a management program as opposed to a treatment protocol. It is suitable for patients who experience difficulty before bed and during quiet times; such as while reading or working on a computer. Also, if concentration is a problem, this protocol is appropriate as Sanctuary is designed to provide relief for patients during times when their tinnitus is disturbing.

Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire