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Hearing & Speech Development Therapy

Varied solutions are available today depending on your childs individual hearing situation. However a few basics rules apply to all situations. Your child needs to hear as early in life as possible, from both ears and as well as possible. This often includes providing hearing aids with child appropriate technology.

Important: Not all hearing instruments and not all technology is appropriate for your child in all situations at all stages of auditory development.

Hearing & Speech Development Therapy

Hearing & Speech Development Therapy

Early intervention and the best treatment available today are necessary for your child to compensate for the auditory disability.

However to the nature of auditory development and the less than optimal auditory stimulation all today available solutions can provide, hearing and speech development therapy will be essential to your child’s long-term success.

Our therapy program encompasses several different popular therapy approaches. We use the German Warnke method to develop, support and strengthen your child’s central auditory development. To foster quicker speech production and speech development we use components of Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) and Natural Auditory Oral (NAO) approach.

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