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Best Age for Implantation

Best Age for Implantation

Best Age for Implantation

Audibility needs to be restored as soon as your child has been diagnosed with a hearing impairment.

Children’s hearing and central auditory development, the basis for language, starts 2 months prior to birth. Hearing impaired children will only start central auditory development once they are provided with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

The later in life hearing is being made available, the longer the missed time period of central auditory development gets. The longer the period of missed auditory development, the more difficult for your child to catch up with lost developmental time.

Hearing with a CI system

How well your child will hear with Cochlear Implants depends on his/her natural ability, the age of implantation, the intensity of habilitation and the combined abilities and features of the whole Cochlear Implant system.

The sound processor determines how clear (free of noise) the signal is, how much sounds are being encoded and how many options of coding strategies are available.

Implant physical built and software determines how fast and to how many different locations within the cochlear electrical pulses can be delivered. This will determine how high the sound resolution and ultimately ease and quality of hearing will be.