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First Step - Paediatric Test Battery

First Step - Paediatric Test Battery

First Step - Paediatric Test Battery

Recommended Paediatric Test Battery typically starts with an Otoscopy, to ensure that the ear canal is normal and free of obstructions. This is followed by Impedance Audiometry, to ensure that the middle ear if free of liquid and is working normally. Next, a stapedius reflex test will be conducted to test the middle ear muscles and bilateral connections of the ears. This test will provide a first objective indication to your child's degree of hearing loss.

A further objective test, Oto Acoustic Emission Test (OAE), verifies the function of the cochlear’s hair cells. Missing OAE typically indicate a cochlear based hearing loss. Depending on the age and responsiveness of your child, different kind of audiometric hearing tests to verify the overall functions of your child's peripheral auditory system will be conducted.

If your child is too young to actively participate in the testing procedure to give a subjective feedback, ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) or ASSR (Auditory Steady State Response) test will be performed.

If your child can actively participate, Free-Field Observation or Play Audiometry will be performed. More often than not, all methods will be used together, to get a clearer picture of your child's hearing and to assess if the problem is cochlear based or retro-cochlear.

If your child is a candidate for Cochlear Implants, but retro-cochlear problems are suspected, an eABR can be performed to give final clarity if a cochlear implant will be helpful.

Paediatric Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing aid trial is indicated if the audiological results suggest that your child might benefit from the use of conventional amplification. Such a hearing aid trial typically runs for 6 months during which your child's auditory and language development  progress is closely monitored. What we hope to see is continuing development. If the development stalls or your child consistently misses developmental steps, a cochlear implant might be the better choice.

Good powerful hearing aids can be expensive, but not to worry, The Hearing Solution Group offers a 100 % refund policy, if you need to upgrade from hearing aids to cochlear implants.