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What Do Hearing Aids Do?

What do Hearing Aids do?

What do Hearing Aids do?

It all starts with the selection of what sounds to process in the first place. Depending on the technology and your needs, certain sounds from certain directions can be filtered out right away.

The sounds which will be let through will be analysed based on speech and noise content. Noise if deemed disturbing for you will be suppressed or filtered out, at the same time speech sounds will be enhanced.

The so cleaned signal will then be amplified and modified based on your hearing loss configuration. Depending on how many channels your hearing aids have, different amplification will be applied to loud and soft sounds in each frequency area to make all sounds as comfortable audible for you as possible. Additional features can provide help on the phone in extreme noise or even when watching TV.

Binaural Hearing

Normal, balanced auditory input from both ears is absolutely essential to maintain

Automatic and effortless hearing

Hearing in noise

Cognitive functions

Motoric functions

Only if your auditory system receives information from both ears can it manage to achieve directional hearing; knowing the direction where sounds are coming from. Directional hearing is crucial for hearing in noise and in reverberating environments. The inability to locate sounds might lead to confusion and even endanger your life on a busy street.

The human brain expects equal auditory stimulation from both sides. If it is deprived of this information,in addition to hearing problems, general cognitive problems but also problems related to speech may ensue. Balance and normal motoric functions also rely on auditory input from both sides. Imbalanced hearing may lead to motoric problems and especially may affect balance.

This is why we offer Binaural packages as a standard.