About Hearing

How We Hear

How we hear?

The human brain is designed to process sounds binaurally. Hearing only from one side not only negatively affects sound processing but also is related to cognitive decline. The auditory signal from each ear is split and about 90 % goes to opposite sides auditory cortex and the remaining…

Human Range of Hearing

Human ears can process sounds from frequency range of approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz and an intensity range of about-10 – 110 dB greatly different at different frequencies. The whole central auditory system is designed to receive this full spectrum of sound with great redundancy of information. As hearing degrades less and less sounds in less resolution…

Hearing range for human
Binaural hearing

Binaural Hearing

When a person hears with only one ear, locating sound in traffic is a problem. Many noises which sound almost alike when heard with one ear can be identified more easily when hearing with both ears. Click to learn more…