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Are you Suitable for Treatment?

Are you Suitable
for Treatment?

Are you Suitable for Treatment?

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, Haven and Sanctuary are highly effective treatments available. However, to ensure that you will be a suitable candidate for the treatment, there are a few evaluation that we will have to go through. One of the evaluation is the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ).

TRQ, comprising of 26 questions, is designed to find out what sort of effects tinnitus has had on your lifestyle, general well-being, etc. It will give us a better understanding of your condition as well as suitability.

Download a copy of the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and see what your score is now.

Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire

Follow the instructions on the TRQ and identify the corresponding number based on your tinnitus experience for the past one week. After completion, total up the numbers and see what your score is.

Contact your nearest Hearing Solution consultant now for a more detailed explanation on your tinnitus and treatment options available for you.