Hearing Services

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Our Services

  • Consultations

    Every process or evaluation starts with a consultation to familiarize with the patients perceived problems and expectations on one hand and to explain upcoming test and procedures on the other.

  • Adult Hearing Assesment

    Basic hearing assessment consists of a pure tone audiogram for air and bone conduction and a noise acceptance test. In more complex cases a short-term memory or Central Auditory Function Evaluation mi

  • Paediatic Hearing Assessments

    Paediatric Hearing assessment differ greatly from adult hearing assessment as objective test are needed to assess if a child is hearing properly, either exclusively or to verify subjective tests resul

  • Audiological Assessments and Tests

    As part of hearing assessments or as requested by physicians we are able to conduct a wide variety of subjective and objective audiological tests for adults and children.

  • Product Selection, Fitting and Programming

    Hearing Devices play a major role in most hearing treatments. To help you find just the right solution for you is one of our main responsibilities.

  • Therapy

    Sometimes devices alone are not able to provide the desired benefit, or some devices are specifically designed to work together with some counselling or therapy. To provide complete solutions for you

  • Aftercare- Ongoing Fitting and Evaluations

    Getting hearing devices and starting on a therapy is the first step of an ongoing process. We will be with you along the way with ongoing support and services to ensure that your journey to better hea

  • Paediatric Services

    Children have very different hearing needs from adults. Their whole auditory system is still developing and every intervention must always keep this in mind. Also whereas adult hearing services are of

  • Cochlear Implant Services

    Cochlear implant candidacy depends of many factors, getting not enough benefit from hearing aids is chief among them. Depending on the age of implantation more or less intensive therapy will be necess