Accessories for Hearing Aids

There are a wide range for accessories available for hearing aids including battery charger, transmission devices, wax & maintenance devises, domes, ear molds etc. These will be recommended for you based on the style of hearing aid selected.

Accessories available include:

  • Remote Controls – change the volume or program of the hearing instruments with a simple press of button
  • Media Streamers – Transmission devices from different hearing aids companies allows users to answer phone calls or stream music/movies directly to the hearing aids wirelessly
  • Batteries are our most popular accessory, just SGD 2.90 per pack, the lowest price in Singapore.


Accessories for Cochlear Implants

There are different accessories available for the different types of Cochlear Implants from Advanced Bionics – Harmony, Naida and Neptune

General Cochlear Implant accessories available include:

  • Universal Head Piece (UHP) (various color covers) – Transmits radio frequency signals from processor to implant
  • Aqua Mic (various colour caps) – Waterproof microphone for both Naida and Neptune Aquamic.
  • FM Systems – Assistive listening device that helps Cochlear Implant users to hear better in challenging environments. Commonly used in classrooms and small group meetings.
  • Accessories will be discussed as part of selection process.


Accessories for Tinnitus Treatments

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment devices are best paired with High fidelity earphones calibrated to suit the high frequency output of the customized music from the Neuromonics Oasis/Haven/Sanctuary devices.

Remember to use only the specific earphones models as specified by your hearing care consultant.

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