Sometimes devices alone are not able to provide the desired benefit, or some devices are specifically designed to work together with some counselling or therapy. To provide complete solutions for you we have an extensive therapy program available.

Hearing to a large part is q mental, learned processes in the brain. Hearing problems may have their origin in the brain but in most cases they have their origin in physiological processes which affect the brains ability over time. This results in the brain forgetting how to execute certain processes.

Hearing devices restore the physical part of hearing. Sending the now improved signal to a brain, which has, to a certain degree forgotten or never learned the ability to work with these signals in some cases, will not solve the problems satisfactory.

All our therapy systems are aimed at developing, supporting or restoring the metal processes necessary.

Services you might be interested:

  • Cochlear Implant Services

    Cochlear implant candidacy depends of many factors, getting not enough benefit from hearing aids is chief among them. Depending on the age of implantation more or less intensive therapy will be necessary to get the best benefit out of the implant system. To keep you hearing your best with your cochlear implant regular evaluations and programming are necessary.

  • Paediatric Services

    Children have very different hearing needs from adults. Their whole auditory system is still developing and every intervention must always keep this in mind. Also whereas adult hearing services are often centered around bring back something which has been lost, with children it’s about helping abilities to develop. With today‚Äôs technology it is possible to help almost all children to a degree of hearing which enables them to lead a normal life.

  • Aftercare- Ongoing Fitting and Evaluations

    Getting hearing devices and starting on a therapy is the first step of an ongoing process. We will be with you along the way with ongoing support and services to ensure that your journey to better hearing is successful and comfortable.