Chiu Miaw Eng

Chiu Miaw Eng

My Mum, now nearing 82, is a long term diabetic patient. She suffered from hearing loss due to microangiopathy. The Hearing Solutions helped my Mum to hear again after she was imprisoned in her own world for many years.  With the consultant’s dedicated attention and care in early October 2010, she once again is able to participate in the activities happening around her because she has gained back one of the basic senses – hearing. She is back to her bubbly self, interactive, interested to go out and very much involved in daily family activities with her new hearing aids.  She is indeed a changed person.


My Mum was referred to Hearing Solutions by Dr. Lim Chong Teck, ENT Consultant, after reading Mum’s pure tone audiogram(PTA) that she suffered from “profound hearing loss” conducted by another group of audiologist.  Dr. Lim explained that Hearing Solutions may be able to help as they have more sophisticated techniques and equipment. In addition, the group is known to have helped some patients when other audiologists have failed.  He also highlighted that the condition of hearing loss cannot be reversed.


With some hope, my Mum’s first appointment with the consultant identified that her previous PTA was not accurate.  Her hearing loss is not as bad. It ranged between “mild to severe” and not in the category of “profound hearing loss” as tested by the previous audiologist.  She is at ease with the consultant as she finds him extremely approachable, is able to communicate with her in her dialect, listened to her feedback and work with her closely. This is a far cry from the previous audiologist who had been “chastising” her indirectly for not being able to correctly put on and take care of her hearing aids. Furthermore, there is little that he could do for her as her condition is diagnosed as “profound hearing loss”.  To my Mum, there was a prevailing feeling that her visits to the previous group to adjust her hearing aids were a nuisance and that she was unreasonably demanding. They repeatedly explained that they could do nothing to help improve her condition. For more than two years, we could see that my Mum was isolated and depressed, lost her confidence and interest in life under their care. Her quality of life was deprived.


As a family, we are grateful and appreciative of the attention and care that the consultant has given her.  She can now listen in to conversations, no longer afraid to answer the telephone and is interested to watch programmes of interest to her on television. Worthy to note, on the second week of the trial aid, she went to a piano recital with us which she would have refused before. It is such a joy for us to have her in our family outing. Our gratitude is more than what words can describe.


We would like to thank The Hearing Solutions for their professionalism and their commitment.