James Lam

James Lam

Prior to meeting the hearing consultant at The Hearing Solution Group, I purchase my hearing aids from another hearing centre. When the Consultant resigned, I switched to The Hearing Solution Group.


I was served by the consultant whenever I needed some adjustment to my hearing instruments which is already 5 years old. He also recommended new models and loan them for my trial.


I found the consultant to be very friendly, patient, displaying sincerity, with good product knowledge and transmitted this knowledge to attend to my needs very well, besides being very service oriented. He painstakingly explained the difference between the various hearing aid products and let me try them on.


He took the trouble to walk with me to various locations outside of his office as noise level outside is higher than office environment. Then he explained the difference between the hearing aid I am currently using and the new instrument Nitro 301.


As my current instrument needs repair the consultant immediately set up Nitro 301 for my trial usage. He made the necessary adjustments to the volume and the different channels. I decided to purchase the Nitro 301 immediately because of the consultant. He voluntarily recommended the mode of payment suitable to my needs.


Mr. Benson will go far in his endeavors as he has a very soft spoken but possess a pleasant and charismatic attitude. I wish him every success in all his future endeavours.