Lim Boon Ngo

Lim Boon Ngo

On behalf of my mother in law, Madam Lim Boon Ngo (age 82), we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to your gracious care and advice towards my mother in law in our recent visit to your clinic.


We had sought several companies specialising with regards to her needs. We came to learn from you through a website and also the testimonial from other recipients.


Over 2 visits to you, I sensed she was very comfortable with the communication and most importantly your fine approach towards her knowing and listening to her needs which was totally different from the other hearing specialists we visited.


As for me, I find your professional consultation asking her to go out to the main street is really important which most consultants don’t practice. This would give her a self-confidence in themselves and I can understand this is not an easy task.


As always, thank you for your patience in giving her a listening ear to enjoy her lifestyle.


She is more than happy to have a photo taken with you as a token of appreciation and I am sure these words will flow to her many friends.