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Integrated Hearing & Speech (Development) Therapy

Hearing and
Speech Therapy

Hearing and
Speech Therapy

Sounds are recognized in the brain as electrical patterns. Understanding their meaning and ultimately language is a learned/acquired skill. This skill depends on the brains ability to assign meaning, store, quickly and automatically access and recognise these electrical patterns. This acquisition process begins already 20 weeks prior to birth and continues into our 20’s. Normal hearing and normal central auditory processing are essential and interrelated prerequisites.

Hearing Aids or even 120 Channel Cochlear Implants cannot provide the full spectrum of frequencies of normal hearing.

Integrated Hearing and Speech (Development) Therapy provides necessary additional input to the brains central (auditory) centres. This is very important for children to develop natural speech and be successful in mainstream education and for adults to hear in challenging hearing situations.

8 Benefits of Integrated Hearing and Speech (Development) Therapy

  • Fosters natural development of speech
  • Provide missing input to Central (auditory) system
  • Improve benefits of Hearing aids and 120 Channels cochlear implants
  • Improves speech understanding with and without hearing aids
  • Provides help with Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, etc…)
  • Combines aspects of AVT, rehAB and the German Warnke Method
  • Integrates auditory, visual and motoric tasks into the therapy
  • Uses high-tech equipment for training and monitoring