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Our Process

Therapy will be 100% customized to your hearing profile and needs. Your consultant will work out a customized therapy program based on your abilities and focusing on your personal problem areas as identified in the tests. The therapy might consist of Low Level Training, Phonem and Syllable comprehension training, Music and Reading Exercises.

Your consultant will discuss each therapy unit with you and practice in the office before you will do it alone at home. Initial therapy typically takes 20 -30 minutes daily for 6-8 weeks with weekly follow up meetings with your consultant.

After the initial therapy your consultant will discuss long-term strategies and goals with you. We will instruct you on each of the therapy modules which you can practice daily at home.

Certain modules require more sophisticated equipment or supervision and will be conducted in our centre under your consultants’ guidance. Weekly you will come back to the centre for us to assess your progress and discuss the next steps.

Our 2 or 3 step hearing treatment:

  1. Complete Hearing Evaluation
  2. Typical or go direct to 3 depending on hearing evaluation = Fitting of High Tech Hearing Aids
  3. Auditory Therapy

Treatment Steps

Complete Hearing Evaluation

A complete hearing assessment evaluates the ability of your ears (Peripheral Hearing) as well as the ability of your central auditory system in the brain (Central Hearing).

The ears are responsible to convert sounds to electrical impulses. These impulses are conducted to the central auditory system in the brain. There, the meanings of signals are being analysed, used and saved for future quick access. This is what hearing actually means.

It is therefore essential to test not just your peripheral hearing ability, but also your central hearing ability in order to be able to offer a complete and long-term solution to your hearing problems.

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Fitting of High Tech Hearing Aids

Depending on the peripheral hearing assessment the right hearing aids will be selected to provide a clear and strong signal to Central Hearing.

Amplification is customized depending on the actual hearing loss at a particular frequency along the audible frequency spectrum and lost functionality in the cochlear.

Depending on your personal requirements and lifestyle specific technologies may be applied to help hearing in challenging environments and specific situations.

Auditory Therapy

Auditory therapy is an integral part of treating hearing problems and restoring hearing as well as possible.

Auditory Training & Therapy teaches/re-teaches central hearing, to make optimal use of the clear sounds the hearing aids provide.

Prolonged periods of limited auditory input to Central Hearing cause deprivation (forgetting to use auditory input fast and efficiently).

Using Hearing can sometimes be challenging for an untrained/ unprepared Central hearing system.

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