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Our Process

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, Haven and Sanctuary are highly effective treatments available. However, to ensure that you will be a suitable candidate for the treatment, there are a few evaluation that we will have to go through. One of the evaluation is the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ). TRQ, comprising of 26 questions, is designed to find out what sort of effects tinnitus has had on your lifestyle, general well-being, etc. It will give us a better understanding of your condition as well as suitability. Download a copy of the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ) and see what your score is now. Follow the instructions on the TRQ and identify the corresponding number based on your tinnitus experience for the past one week. After completion, total up the numbers and see what your score is.


Neuromonics Treatment Process

Neuromonics offers three different products / treatments which are FDA approved.

  1. Sanctuary, for less severe sufferers, who seek relief of their tinnitus at certain times, while using the device. It uses semi customized music to provide relief from tinnitus.
  2. Haven is designed for relief from tinnitus perception while using the device. This is using fully customized music like the Oasis but with only one stage
  3. The full Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (Oasis) is meant for severe sufferers of tinnitus and offers a permanent reduction of tinnitus disturbance to a manageable level.

Comprehensive Personalized Assessment

Patients are first assessed using a questionnaire called the TRQ (Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire), which is used to gauge the degree of your tinnitus disturbance and medical history. A Neuromonics-trained consultant will then perform a comprehensive evaluation of your tinnitus and hearing to determine your audiological profile. This evaluation may include a thorough assessment of your tinnitus, your tinnitus history including high frequency audiometry and tinnitus pitch matching.

Based on this evaluation, he will advise if Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is suitable for you or advise you on other options.

Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire


Processor Configuration

Your Neuromonics processor, either Oasis or Haven will be fully customized with your individual prescription. For Sanctuary, it will also be semi customized based on individual’s audiological profile. These devices deliver a pleasant acoustic neural stimulus at a comfortable listening level. This sound stimulates a wide range of auditory pathways, as well as the emotional (limbic) system and the autonomic nervous system of the brain. This stimulation decreases your disturbance from tinnitus over the course of your treatment. It is a 2 staged treatment for Oasis and patients will need to follow the protocol strictly. As for Haven and Sanctuary, patients can use them as and when needed.


Oasis Stage 1 (Pre-conditioning Stage)

The main goal of Stage 1 is to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms. This occurs as the device delivers an acoustic neural stimulus that provides a high level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. You are required to listen to the treatment (through earphones) for at least 2 - 4 hours daily.

During this stage, you will begin to experience control over your tinnitus, instead of having the tinnitus controlling you.

Support and education is provided throughout this stage by your Neuromonics-trained consultant. This stage lasts for approximately 3 months.


Oasis Stage 2 (Active Treatment Stage)

The aim of Stage 2 is to begin to gain relief from your tinnitus outside treatment times. The acoustic neural stimulus used in this stage of treatment is changed.

The aim of the new acoustic signal is to deliver an intermittent or lower level of interaction with your tinnitus perception. This allows desensitization to occur, which is proven to be efficient and effective at reducing the associated disturbance and impact on quality of life.

As in the first stage, you are required to use the treatment for at least 2 hours daily. This stage of treatment lasts for approximately 3 months.


Maintenance Stage

After a successful program of treatment of approximately 6-8 months, a maintenance program is devised for you to manage and control your tinnitus independently of clinician support.

Many users find they may not feel the need to use the processor anymore. If they do continue listening, it's usually for less often and for less time each day to maintain the benefits achieved.

The recommended use for this stage is about 2-4 hours weekly.

Contact your nearest Hearing Solution consultant now for a more detailed explanation on your tinnitus and treatment options available for you.