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Central Hearing & Ageing

Central Hearing & Ageing

Central Hearing & Ageing

Central Hearing is subject to a natural ageing process which is independent of your actual peripheral hearing ability.

As we age certain parts of our hearing decline gradually and unnoticed. Prolonged reduced input from the ears accelerates the deterioration of central hearing.

Only once we have problems understand speech do most people realize that they have a hearing problem. By that time Central Hearing has been deprived of full input for years if not decades. This is a very gradual process and manifests itself at first in the reduced ability to understand clearly in background noise and needing to concentrate more and more to understand language.

Central Hearing Therapy

If untreated with Hearing Aids and Auditory Training the loss of Central Hearing progresses continuously. Hearing aids primarily compensate for the loss of peripheral hearing. Often Central Hearing is even overwhelmed by the use of hearing aids and the sudden increase of information from peripheral hearing. In such cases Central Hearing Therapy together with gradually introduction of more and more auditory input will lead to better and long term hearing.

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