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Main Candidates for Hearing Therapy

Main Candidates for Hearing Therapy

Main Candidates for Hearing Therapy

The 40+ who visits the ENT with the complaint of having some problems of not understanding perfectly anymore, especially in noise, but is advice, based on a conventional, peripheral, hearing assessment that he still hears good. Until now such persons have been sent away and told to come back once their peripheral hearing is sufficiently bad. But actually we could help such people already now by improving their ability to understand, as this is a problem of central hearing.

The second group is the one between 55 and 60 years which are just before getting a hearing aid. Along with the Hearing Aids they can start with Audio Fitness Therapy to get better and more benefit from their Hearing Aids.

The third group is the unhappy/unsuccessful Hearing Aid users who will benefit from central hearing training by improving the central function where Hearing Aids provide only limited help.. In average people get Hearing aids 10 – 15 years too late. In this period, the central hearing processing functions of the brain deteriorate more and more. However, people still expect to hear with their Hearing Aids as well as 10 or 15 years ago. Even the best Hearing Aids cannot fulfill these expectations.

To hear well (again) you need two things, firstly the hearing with your ears and secondly the hearing between the ears (the central hearing). As a result many users are challenged. Even if the Hearing Aids are fitted and adjusted perfectly, they often blame the shop or the Hearing Aids for the unsatisfactory results.

Central Hearing Without Therapy

Due to this auditory deprivation of the central auditory system it gets increasing difficult to understand language especially in challenging listening environments.

Once hearing aids compensate for the loss of peripheral hearing, our central auditory system is not ready to work with this sudden increase of information.

Therapy is necessary for the Central Auditory system to make best use of the renewed quantity and quality of sounds coming from the ears.