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Providing professional hearing services and quality hearing products, serving all customers with passion and love.

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Styles of Hearing Aids for Seniors

Today’s hearing aids come in a range of styles. There’s something suitable for all possible hearing requirements, user preferences and budgets.


What to Expect When Getting Hearing Aid Devices for the Elderly?

The most difficult step in improving your hearing is recognising the need to find out more about your hearing ability and improving your situation.

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Talking with A Loved One

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person who has it. It also affects spouses, family members and friends.

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Book a FREE hearing test session today with our consultant at any of our 9 hearing centres islandwide.

Our Hearing Aids for Senior Citizens

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Starkey’s hearing aid devices are renowned for being professionally designed to aid hearing loss and improve quality of life, especially for the elderly. At the Hearing Solution Group, we carry the best hearing aids in the market from Starkey suitable for seniors in Singapore.

We have various hearing aid brands available such as Starkey, Signia and BHM. Our selection of Starkey hearing aids for seniors includes the Starkey Genesis AI and Evolv AI. These hearing aid devices feature the latest state-of-the-art technology to treat hearing loss, and are discreet, comfortable, and intelligent.

Starkey’s hearing aids for the elderly such as the Evolv AI can also be paired with mobile devices so seniors can enjoy their favourite TV shows and music, while being connected to health trackers for fitness monitoring.

The Hearing Solution Group is one of the largest companies in Singapore providing hearing aid devices and services to customers. We have 9 locations islandwide, making us easily accessible for senior citizens so they do not have to travel far.

We offer hearing tests from professional team of audiologists and hearing care consultants in Singapore who are experienced and patient with providing consultations and treatment plans for the elderly. Our team will work with you to find the best hearing aids that will fit your lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

We provide fitting consultations for senior citizens to custom fit their hearing aids. Our team will make sure that your hearing aid devices are accurately fitted and functioning ideally so that they will last you a long time ahead and improve your quality of life.

To make it more convenient for seniors, we have included a free online hearing test on our website. Our hearing test in stores  are administered by a professional audiologist and is a reliable way to know if an elderly at home is having hearing difficulties and may need hearing aid devices.

We offer 1-for-1 replacement of Starkey hearing aids, as well as repairs for all hearing aid devices that we carry throughout the warranty period.

Hearing Aid Brands for Seniors

We carry a variety of hearing aid brands suitable for senior citizens, ranging from Starkey and Signia hearing aids which possess state-of-the-art features, to bone-conduction hearing aid options like BHM.

Starkey is a leading hearing aid solutions innovator, offering a range of devices designed to enhance the lives of the elderly. With a commitment to personalised hearing solutions, Starkey's hearing aids are engineered for comfort and ease of use, ensuring seniors can enjoy clear and natural sound quality in any environment. Their flagship technologies include advanced noise reduction, wireless streaming, and health tracking features, making Starkey's hearing aid devices into comprehensive wellness tools for the elderly.

Signia stands out for its cutting-edge hearing aid technology tailored to meet various needs of the elderly. Emphasising clarity, connectivity, and ease of use, Signia's hearing aids come equipped with innovative features such as rechargeability, TeleCare support, and the ability to personalise sound experiences through a user-friendly app. Their devices are designed to be sleek and discreet, ensuring seniors can feel confident and comfortable in social situations.

BHM focuses on providing reliable and user-friendly hearing aid devices that cater specifically to the needs of senior citizens. Their hearing aids are well-received for their durability, simplicity, and effectiveness. BHM's range includes both traditional and digital models, each designed to deliver clear sound quality and reduce background noise, helping users to focus on conversations without being overwhelmed. With a strong emphasis on affordability, BHM makes better hearing accessible to seniors.

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Hearing Aid Prices for Elderly in Singapore

The cost of hearing aid devices will vary depending on the brand and technology features of the hearing aid itself.

Our packages for senior citizens start at around SGD$2,500, inclusive of up to 4 years warranty, hearing test , hearing aid trial and fitting, and aftercare.

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I had been looking for hearing aids for senior citizens in Singapore and am glad to have come across Hearing Solution.

After booking an appointment, I accompanied my mum to have a hearing test and to prescribe hearing aid. The consultant at Hearing Solution is professional and patient in his service. Therefore, we are very happy with his service.

Thank you!


I am writing to thank the excellent service The Hearing Solution’s audiologist provided for my grandmother, Mdm Chong Yong You. She was very customer-oriented and knew how to communicate with my grandmother, who was initially unreceptive to the idea of putting on hearing aids as a result of past unpleasant experiences. Today, my grandmother is able to converse without difficulty hearing, which was something she struggled with for years.

Once again on behalf of my family, I would like to thank the audiologist for her warm service and would also recommend the Hearing Solution Group for anyone seeking knowledgeable help on hearing aid devices for seniors.

Thank you.


On behalf of my mother-in-law, Madam Lim Boon Ngo (age 82), we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to your gracious care and advice towards my mother-in-law in our recent visit to your clinic.

We had sought several companies looking for suitable hearing aids for senior citizens that cater to her needs. We came to learn from you through a website and also testimonials from other recipients.

After 2 visits, I sensed she was very comfortable with the communication and most importantly your fine approach towards her knowing and listening to her needs which was totally different from the other hearing specialists we visited.

As for me, I find your professional consultation asking her to go out to the main street really important, which most consultants don’t practise. This would give her self-confidence and I can understand this is not an easy task.

As always, thank you for your patience in giving her a listening ear to enjoy her lifestyle.

She is more than happy to have a photo taken with you as a token of appreciation and I am sure these words will flow to her many friends.

I would gladly recommend Hearing Solution to my friends seeking hearing devices for the elderly at home as well.


We were looking for hearing aids in Singapore and a hearing solutions provider that is experienced with administering hearing aids for seniors.

Right from the very beginning, I felt very comfortable and well received. I didn’t feel that I’m pushed to buy anything. I came just for the consultant to take a look at my old device and have a check. Wendy took her time to choose the most suitable hearing aid for me and she was very customer. The hearing aids were comfortable and the remote control was very helpful and convenient in changing the program unlike my old hearing aids.

We also had a very nice welcome at the reception. The overall experience with the Hearing Solution was good. I am starting to hear better and louder. I was very happy that Wendy made a new and comfortable ear mould for me as well as making the effort to prepare 2 different colours of hearing aids for me so that I can differentiate left and right easily.

Thank you!