Online Hearing & Audiometry Test in Singapore for Seniors

The online hearing test is a screening tool used to measure a person's hearing sensitivity and check if they are encountering hearing difficulties. It works as a free ear check up you can do conveniently at home to self-evaluate your hearing.

Due to limited access to and disinterest in hearing tests, it usually takes several years for most people to realise they might have a hearing impairment. Fortunately, by simply doing this online hearing test at home, you can identify hearing issues much sooner and seek expert assistance before it impacts your daily life.

If you suspect that you may be experiencing hearing loss after taking the online test, you can schedule a visit with an audiologist for a detailed consultation and ear check up at an audiometric testing centre in Singapore.

What is a Hearing Test?

A hearing test, also known as an audiometric test, is used to determine a person's ability to hear various sounds, frequencies, and volumes. This test is designed to identify hearing loss levels, helping audiologists diagnose the type and degree of hearing impairment. Hearing tests can be conducted on people of all ages, allowing for timely intervention to improve communication abilities and overall quality of life.

Why Should I Take a Hearing Test?

Taking a hearing test will identify any hearing loss early, ensuring timely and effective treatment. Early detection of hearing issues can also reduce the risk of associated conditions such as social isolation, depression, and cognitive decline.

Many people go undiagnosed with hearing issues and do not realise they require hearing aids until the hearing loss severely impacts their life. If you feel that you may be experiencing hearing difficulties, take our free online hearing test, or schedule an appointment at an audiometric testing centre today.

Reliable and Accurate Ear Check Up in Singapore

Online hearing tests harness advanced technology to offer a convenient alternative to traditional in-person audiometry tests, providing users with a reliable and accurate assessment of their hearing capabilities. These tests are designed with sophisticated algorithms and simplified self-evaluation questions, ensuring the results are fast and accurate enough to determine the existence of hearing issues.

While they may not replace a comprehensive audiometry test, online hearing tests serve as an effective preliminary screening tool. They enable individuals to quickly gauge their hearing health from the comfort of their home, guiding them on whether further professional consultation with an audiologist is necessary.

You can take our online hearing test from the comfort of your home in Singapore as a preliminary assessment anytime at your convenience.

Benefits of an Online Hearing Test

Time and Cost Savings

Online hearing tests eliminate the need for travel and the hassle of scheduling appointments, allowing you to assess your hearing at your convenience, whether from the comfort of your home or any other quiet location.

If you have no time to head down to an audiometric testing centre in Singapore for a hearing test, consider getting your ear check up done online on our website.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We prioritise the protection of our customers’ personal information and hearing test results by employing robust security measures, such as encryption and secure data storage, ensuring that the details of your test and any personal information provided remain confidential.

Customers can take our free online hearing tests knowing their privacy is respected and safeguarded. Through our commitment to privacy, we aim to make these hearing tests discreet for those concerned about their auditory health.

How Taking An Online Hearing Test for Free Works

Our free online hearing test is fast, easy, and private. There are two sections, with the first one checking your ability to hear sounds at the lowest volume, and the second one checking if you can hear spoken words clearly.

Simply go through the questions with your earphones in a quiet room to test the hearing ability in your left and right ears. Once the test is completed, you will receive your results immediately without needing an email signup.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

For a more comprehensive ear check-up, we recommend getting a consultation with a professional audiologist at an audiometric testing centre in Singapore.

Your comprehensive hearing test will include a Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) test and speech recognition test. In the PTA test, the audiologist will transmit pure tones ranging in frequencies to your ears through headphones and increase the volume to determine the decibel level required for you to detect the sound.

As for the speech recognition test, it will measure how accurate you are with word recognition. At the end of the tests, the audiologist will score your results in an audiogram to determine the severity of your hearing loss.

Tips & Tricks Before Taking the Hearing Test Online

Use headphones or earphones instead of speakers to check the hearing in each ear.

Adjust the volume of your device to 50% before you start the test.

Conduct the test in a quiet room without distractions.

Use regular headphones instead of noise-cancelling ones, or turn off the noise-cancelling feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs of hearing loss include difficulty understanding conversations, especially in noisy environments, asking others to repeat themselves frequently, increasing the volume of the TV or music higher than usual, and experiencing a ringing sensation in the ears which may be tinnitus. Some may also struggle to hear high-pitched sounds or feel that sounds are muffled.

An online hearing test includes a series of audio exercises that assess your ability to hear different frequencies and volumes. These exercises may involve listening to tones at various pitches and volumes, identifying words in noisy backgrounds, and self-assessment questions about your hearing situations in daily life.

The results of an online hearing test will indicate your hearing levels, showing how clearly you can hear across different frequencies. They provide a preliminary assessment of your hearing health, highlighting potential hearing loss areas and suggesting whether you should seek further evaluation from an audiologist.

An online hearing test usually takes between 5 to 15 minutes to complete, depending on the test's complexity and the number of exercises included. It is designed to be a quick and convenient initial assessment of your hearing ability.

Yes, you can take the online hearing test on your mobile device. However, for accurate results, make certain to use earphones or headphones and be in a quiet environment.