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How We Charge

The Hearing Solution Company is an ISO certified company who does its best to be as clear and open on how we charge our customers for Services and Products. We avoid to bundle prices to hide cost, but at the same time strive to provide our customer with the most convenient, transparent and cost-effective solutions.


We offers interest free instalment plans with your Citibank, UOB and DBS Master and Visa credit cards.  You can now spread your payments into 12 monthly instalments. Just ask for the instalment plan upon payment of your hearing devices.

Hearing Aids
Hearing Aid

Hearing aids pricing varies depending on its technology levels, styles, and other factors. Consult our audiologist today to find a suitable hearing aids.


The Hearing Solution Company Branded hearing aid batteries may be used with any Brand and Style of hearing aids. They provide extraordinarily high voltage stability for practically the entire discharge duration of the button cell.

Hearing Aids Repair
Repair Services

At The Hearing Solution Company, we are happy to be able to offer you the most comprehensive Hearing Aid repair service in Singapore. We are able to repair any Hearing Aid regardless of Brand, Style or Age for a fixed fee with 6 to 12 months warranty.

Custom Made Ear Pieces
Custom Made Ear Piece

The Hearing Solution Company is able to provide custom made ear piece services regardless of age. Products range from swim plugs to ear moulds for your hearing aids.

Ear Impressions
Ear Impression

To make your hearing aids or customized ear phones more effective and comfortable to wear all day long you might require customization of the whole ear or just of the part which comfortable connects the electronic to your ear.

Audiological Services
Audiological Services

The Hearing Solution Company offers you a wide range of audiological services from paediatric to adult hearing assessment. Check out the range of services we offer.