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4 Benefits of Hearing Aids

4 Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are used by people who suffer from hearing loss to help them hear better in various situations. These small devices receive sounds, amplify them, and then project them into the listener’s ears. In the past, hearing aids would amplify all sounds of varying frequencies equally, which could be straining for the ears or make some sounds difficult to hear. However, technological advancements have improved the functionality of hearing aids. Now, aside from helping the listener hear better, they also benefit the user in many other ways. Read on to learn more.

1. Improved relationships

Hearing Aid Singapore Improved relationships

Hearing is an important part of communicating in person or over the phone. Not being able to hear during conversations can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, and more. In contrast, being able to hear allows you to stay engaged during social events and participate in activities that others are doing. If you suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids can help you bridge the communication gap and keep you sociable. This leads to healthier relationships, a healthier mind, as well as a boost in confidence.

2. Greater independence

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, it is normal for you to become more reliant on those around you as you may need their assistance in paying attention to sounds or communicating with others on your behalf. From alarms to announcements, being able to hear even the most insignificant sounds can make a huge difference to your life.

Hearing Aid Singapore Greater independence

Hearing aids can help you to hear your surroundings again, reducing your reliance on others. This allows you to reclaim control of your life and navigate around without the assistance of others. Being able to hear also allows you to continue working for job security and financial stability.

3. Reduced tinnitus symptoms

Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear sounds that originate within your body rather than from external sources. The most common sound people with tinnitus experience is a ringing in the ears. Other sounds you may hear include buzzing, humming and/or grinding. Tinnitus might be caused by an issue with the inner ear, which also causes hearing loss. Although not everyone suffering from hearing loss experiences tinnitus, some may. In this case, patients experiencing tinnitus may be referred to do a hearing test to determine whether they have hearing loss. If yes, having hearing aids help to provide relief as the amplification provided by the hearing aids can mask out tinnitus symptoms.

4. Prevent cognitive decline

Hearing Aid Singapore Prevent cognitive decline

When you suffer from hearing loss, the part of your brain that processes what you hear is deprived of sound; this is also referred to as auditory deprivation. This lack of auditory stimulation can weaken your auditory cortex and lead to cognitive decline over time. This is because without sound, your auditory cortex does not get to “work” and will start to atrophy. This may also lead to an increased risk of dementia if you do not seek hearing solutions or treatment when you suffer from hearing loss.

Although hearing aids cannot treat hearing loss, it can help to prevent your auditory cortex from losing its function and prevent cognitive decline. Hence, getting hearing aids fitted when necessary is important.

Studies have shown that aside from helping you hear your surroundings, hearing aids can also improve your quality of life and maintain your health. If you notice any signs or symptoms or hearing loss, it would be wise to get a hearing test and have hearing aids fitted.

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