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How Can The Latest Hearing Aid Technology Help to Improve Your Hearing?

latest hearing aid technology

Imagine the latest hearing aid as the Apple AirPods; it is small, trendy and a smart device all-round.

Imagine this common scene for many families. It is not just the hearing impaired who suffers, of hearing loss, the whole family suffers too. Even after years of miscommunication and frustration, you are still contemplating whether to invest in a hearing aid.

It could be due to the social stigma that wearing a hearing aid is seen as old and embarrassing.

Or perhaps, your experience or what you saw your elderly loved ones going through with hearing aids in the last decade wasn’t very pleasant. The usual complaints were, uncomfortable to wear, difficult to maintain and poor clarity of sound.

However, you may not know how much hearing aids have improved in the past decade!

By the way, hearing aids are clinically proven to delay the onset of many physical and cognitive problems in the elderly, allowing them to live independently longer, not requiring expensive care and support.

So, here are 6 remarkable technological features that many hearing aids offer today!

6 Technological Features of Latest Hearing Aids

  1. Rechargeable Battery

    rechargeable batteries_HSOne of the inconveniences when wearing hearing aids is to manually replace the tiny disposable batteries which typically last only for about 5-7 days.

    Some batteries can be so small that even the most dexterous pair of hands can find the replacement process frustrating. Worse still, imagine having to change the batteries when you are outside.

    Now, you can simply place your rechargeable hearing aids along with your smartphone in the charger while you sleep. When you wake up, your hearing aids are fully charged and ready to use. They last about 30hrs on a single full charge so you don’t need to worry about the battery running out!

    There is even a small portable charger that allows you to charge your hearing aids on-the-go. It’s just like how you charge your wireless earpods.

  2. Wireless Connectivity

    wireless connectivity for hearing aids

    Today’s, latest hearing aids connect wirelessly to your smart devices such as phones, watches and even TVs!

    This feature forever eliminates the struggle of hearing with on your Mobile Phone. No more aligning the telephone earphone with the microphone of the hearing aid. No more fiddling with the manual control buttons to adjust the volume.

    Many of today’s hearing aids come with smartphone apps, allowing you to make adjustments. Whether you’re in the movies, taking a call or in a meeting, you can now easily adjust your hearing aid sound levels with a swipe of your finger.

    You are in total control of your hearing experience. You can now enjoy your favourite tracks on Spotify while travelling on the train without having to disturb other riders.

    You can also simply switch to Netflix to stream movies on your phone or TV with personalized sound streaming to your hearing aids seamlessly.

    Some models even come with Virtual Assistant that is integrated with the Google Assistant for hands-free help!

  3. Tinnitus Therapy

    ringing in the ear

    Experiencing hissing, buzzing, whistling, roaring and even chirping in your ears? You might have Tinnitus – a common problem that affects about 15 to 20 per cent of people in Singapore.

    The latest hearing aids can now provide relief by masking these undesired noises.

    With NuEar’s patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, NuEar hearing aids can be customised by your hearing professional, to provide a personalised and comforting sound stimulus to soothe the irritating sounds.

    tranquil environment

    Tranquil sounds such as the ocean waves hitting the shores can be replicated to provide the relaxing feeling of being at the beach. This takes your attention off the irritating noises of Tinnitus.

  4. Automatic Environment Detection

    automatic environment detection

    Gone are the days that you have to manually adjust the settings to suit different environments.

    Many modern hearing aids can recognise a change in environment and are capable of optimising the hearing aids performance based on your listening profile using artificial intelligence, smart sensors and directional microphones.

    You no longer have to worry about a sudden door slam, trying to listen in a noisy bar or the persistent whistling of the wind.

    The latest hearing aid technology detects such unwanted noises, cancels feedback and automatically adjust the amplification levels to deliver a perfect sound experience for you, always.

  5. Language Translation

    language detection

    Let’s face it, we all want to look smart and be cool too.

    Today’s hearing aids are pushing boundaries beyond improving one’s hearing.

    Circa AI by NuEar now has the capability to translate 27 languages as you hear them.

    With this feature, you may even find yourself enjoying conversing more than before! Not to mention, you definitely can make use of this feature to make your overseas trips even more enjoyable.

    Look forward to discovering new-found experiences through these once-not-possible interactions with the locals.

  6. Health and Wellness

    health and wellness_HS

    Hearing aids can also be your smart health tracker.

    You can use them as steps tracker and even measure cognitive engagement. The numbers, by the way, are more accurate than the measurements from your wrist!

    Of course, hearing aid manufacturers are also aware that people with hearing loss have increased risk of falling as the degree of hearing loss directly affects balance and the likelihood of experiencing a fall.

    So, some hearing aids are also equipped with sensors to detect falls and to send an automatic alert (containing the GPS location) to your loved ones if you ever require assistance.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid For You

We understand that it can be a challenge for you to choose the right hearing aid, especially if you’re not familiar with the technological features offered by the different types of hearing aids.

At Hearing Solutions, our professional team of audiologists and hearing care consultants are ready to provide complete hearing and communication healthcare, regardless of age, condition or budget.

Be assured that you’re getting the best advice from us about meeting all your hearing and lifestyle needs!

Contact us today for a free consultation and get your hearing checked!