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Everything you Need to Know About Online Hearing Tests

Online hearing test in the hearing solutions group

Your hearing can easily be taken for granted when you aren’t having any hearing issues. However, since hearing loss can affect anyone regardless of age, it is best to get a hearing test to detect potential problems early. For those who find themselves straining to hear during conversations, or experience pain or ringing in their ears, it’s definitely time to get your ears checked.

But, if you are too busy with work and other commitments to take time out for a health appointment, or might not yet feel ready to walk into an audiology clinic for a full hearing assessment, an online hearing test can be a good first step. Read on to find out more about online hearing tests, from how to prepare for them to their accuracy.

Online Hearing Tests – What Are They?

Online hearing tests are usually available in two different formats. The first one comes in the form of a quiz that questions you on your hearing health and ability. You would also be questioned on family history and hearing loss symptoms like tinnitus.

The second test is a little more rigorous. In this test, you would be asked to listen to a recording of words or numbers with different levels of background noise. From the recording, you will then be asked to select an image or text that best represents the word or number you heard.

Note: These online hearing tests are not a professional replacement for a hearing examination from an audiologist and it is crucial that you discuss your hearing issues with an experienced medical professional for better advice and treatment.

Who Should Take An Online Hearing Test?

While online hearing tests in Singapore cannot replace a physical examination from an audiologist, they can surely indicate if you may or may not have a certain degree of hearing loss.

hearing online test to have a proper recommendation for hearing loss

Here are some early warning signs of hearing loss:

  • You have difficulty hearing or understanding what others are saying, especially if the surrounding is noisy
  • You tend to increase the volume of the music or television which is already loud
  • You have difficulty hearing or understanding people over the phone
  • You find it tiring and stressful to concentrate on what people are saying

If you find yourself suffering from these symptoms, you should immediately make an appointment with an audiologist or hearing care professional.

How Do You Prepare For An Online Hearing Test

An online hearing test is always free, so if you are prompted to pay for a test on a website, exit that page immediately. It is also a good idea to read up on reviews and recommendations on online hearing tests in Singapore before deciding on one. You can also get a recommendation from a healthcare professional.

Once you’ve picked out the online hearing test, here are some things you should do before sitting for the test.

  • Sit in a quiet room/area
  • Turn your computer’s/laptop’s volume up to an appropriate, comfortable volume.
  • Make sure there are no interruptions or any other distractions around you.
  • For the best results, do use headphones.

Limitations of Online Hearing Tests

While completing an online hearing test in the convenience of your own home may seem like an attractive alternative to visiting an audiologist, is it always still highly advisable to consult a hearing care professional to learn more about your condition and the treatments offered.

As part of the overall hearing evaluation process, an audiologist would be able to assess your ears to determine if there are any obstructions that are causing your hearing loss like ear wax build-up, drainage or bleeding in the ear canal as well as swelling. This important part of the examination is not possible with the online hearing test.

On top of that, there are certain guidelines you would have to adhere to for an accurate hearing test including the acceptable level of ambient room noise allowed, which is impossible to meet without a specially designed sound-proof room. Hearing tests that are completed using earphones or headphones may also vary as a similar calibration does not exist for home computer systems.

Ultimately, our hearing health is critical to our quality of life and thus, should not be overlooked. Online hearing tests in tandem with a proper physical examination will ensure accurate results and insight into the appropriate management options.

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