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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Hearing Aid

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Experiencing hearing loss can be tough on both the hearing impaired and their loved ones. While many of us might not know, hearing loss is a common aspect of aging, especially if we fail to take care of our hearing in our younger days. Currently, over 430 million people globally require rehabilitation to combat their ‘disabling’ hearing loss. 

Hearing loss robs more than just sounds, it also impacts self-worth and independence. Fortunately, as technology progresses, hearing loss can be addressed with the help of hearing aids in Singapore. Hearing aids are a major investment that can significantly enhance the overall quality of life. Therefore, it is important to understand the different elements of hearing aids and keep certain considerations in mind before getting one.

Hearing Test

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The first step towards getting your very own hearing aids is to go for a hearing test at a hearing clinic. A hearing test will help you determine the cause of your hearing loss and select the right hearing aids for your condition. When it comes to hearing aids, there is no one size fits all solution. Each individual differs depending on their hearing condition. While one patient may benefit from a basic hearing aid, another might not find the same success with it. Moreover, a hearing test presents the opportunity for you to speak to your audiologist to learn more about your condition and evaluate the different solutions available. With a trained professional’s recommended opinion, you can be assured of a solution that is tailored to your needs, thus delivering effective results. 

Beyond Amplification

With the continuous advancement of technology, hearing aids today have evolved to become more sophisticated, encompassing a variety of features and functions. They can filter background noises, make sounds more understandable and even improve speech comprehension. The key functionality of hearing aids goes beyond amplifying sounds. Rather, it lies in the ability to amplify such sounds selectively. This means that they can be adjusted to focus only on the sounds you need. By going for a hearing test, your audiologist can help professionally adjust your hearing aids according to your needs and condition. Additional features such as bandwidth extension, automatic regulation of volume, noise control, and feedback suppression may also enhance the listening experience. As such, never go into buying your hearing aid with the idea that it only supports one function. Assess the different options carefully to make a worthwhile investment.

Realistic Expectations 

Often, patients may get a hearing aid and expect their hearing to be restored to how it was before hearing loss. This in turn leads to disappointment. Hearing with a hearing aid is very different from the way you used to hear. While hearing aids may possess a variety of features, they cannot reproduce natural hearing. What you can expect however, is the ability to hear in many situations that may have been challenging before. With hearing aids, your brain does not have to strain as much to comprehend sounds. Keeping expectations realistic is essential for a positive mindset and relationship with your hearing aid. On the other hand, frustrations from unrealistic expectations can build resentment, which negatively affects the hearing loss journey in the long run.

Consider Assistive Listening Devices 

Hearing aids can be further powered up with assistive listening devices (ALDs). These devices work in conjunction with hearing aids to remove distracting background noises and bring the appropriate sound closer to the user. A neck loop, wireless system, or room loop can transmit sounds directly to those wearing hearing aids, enhancing their sound quality and clarity, especially when listening from a distance. Should you wish to elevate your hearing to the next level even with a hearing aid, then ALDs might come in useful. 

Purchasing hearing aids is vastly different from any typical consumer product. Choosing a hearing aid requires the knowledge and skills of a professional with experience in this area. By keeping the above considerations in mind and consulting a good hearing solutions provider, finding the right hearing aid and improving your quality of life is made possible. 

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